Purchasing Real Estate in about Two Things...

Getting the Lifestyle You Want and Making the Right Investment

Imagine if You were a Top-Quality Agent...

That’s the kind of service you’ll get working with Christine. The kind you’d give yourself, if you had the expert skills and knowledge required. The key to getting everything you need and the best deal possible - is a very personal approach - on top of high-caliber professional capabilities. 


Christine Chorney can be counted on to invest the time to really get to know you, and your goals. Then she puts her extensive experience to work helping you find your new dream home, safeguarding your fiscal future, and securing you the best possible terms.


"I work for you as if I'm looking for my own house; or a house for my kids." - Christine Chorney

Your Lifestyle Needs are as Unique as You Are

Whether you are buying a home, or adding to your real estate portfolio, it’s always one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll ever make. Perhaps you’re upgrading, downsizing, buying for the first time, or even when expanding your real estate holdings - no matter what your reasons are - success in real estate isn’t just an intricate and demanding experience, it’s intensely personal.  


Lifestyle is virtually synonymous with community; but community means varying things to varying people.

  • The right schools, safety, and greeen spaces can be a big part of what community means to you.
  • Community can also be defined by specific kinds of entertainment and culture, or even the accessibility of certain amenities.
  • Your neighbors, architecture, and general aesthetics can play big roles too. 
  • Promiximity to work and other family homes can be important for some people.
  • For investors, the adjacency to your existing properties can help make their management more feasible and effective, and for others, building up your portfolio’s diversity can be key factors. 
  • Ultimately, community is characterized by your unique nature and situation; in addition to your entire family’s needs and desires. 

No matter what your determiners are, community plays a big part in a huge decision.



The Expert Financial Advice and Market Sense Required for Success

Christine Chorney has been recognized as one of Canada’s leading realtors for over 13 years. A significant number of her clients are referred by a long list of hundreds of realtors across Canada, who have grown to trust Christine to deliver the high-end professional guidance their clients deserve. 


Being one of the most knowledgeable and referred agents in Edmonton is something I’m very proud of. But providing top-notch service that always leaves my clients smiling, as well as the battle-tested market-knowledge that’s needed to help them get exactly what they need, are my biggest rewards. Real estate can be tough, and overwhelming. I’m grateful and honored, to give people the very best of my experience, every time.” - Christine Chorney

Focusing on the Facts that Matter

The constantly fluctuating oil and gas markets are the lifeblood of the Alberta economy. This means that Edmonton and its closest suburbs of St Albert and Sherwood Park, as well as its hinterlands like Spruce Grove and Leduc, can all be complicated markets for people to navigate.


  • To avoid potential pitfalls, you need guidance from a seasoned professional who has dedicated their career to focusing on all the key factors, so they can effectively analyse the ups and downs of a fluctuating natural resource and the corresponding real estate market.

  • You can bank on Christine Chorney providing you with the sound investment advice required, to help you mitigate the risks, while securing your goals.

Critical Financial Factors - Go Far Beyond Oil and Gas

Urban development projects and plans such as roads, transit expansions, commercial construction, zoning changes, and even new communities - can both increase, or decrease the value of your home. 

It’s easy to see how across Canada, the real estate market certainly varies from city to city. Likewise, even within the same neighborhood and even on the same street, housing prices will often differ based on a number of variables. 


There are always lots of important factors to watch, but many of them can become even more important in a declining market. For example, here are just two of the many opportunities and pitfalls you can count on Christine to help you examine.    


  1. Certain types of suburban area homes can frequently depreciate faster in a declining market than their inner-city equivalents. 

  2. Single family homes under 450k will traditionally also hold their values better than the higher-end of the market (say over 675k). This is because there will always be a significantly larger buying pool for more affordable properties.


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